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Legal Packs


George Property & Financial Legal Packs are an excellent example of how George Service Boosters can make your House Buying or Selling Service as easy as possible.

Only tried and tested solicitors that specialise in Property Conveyance Solutions make it onto the George Property & Financial approved panel.

In conjunction with our panel of highly efficient and competitive legal specialists we have produced the highly successful George Legal Pack Solution.

Each George Solicitor will provide an excellent service on a Nationwide Basis.

Just fill in your details below and you will be allocated a Solicitor from our Panel that best suits your needs.

Your appointed George Authorised Legal Representative will respond with a quotation for your particular case.

We felt that many of our clients were getting confused when comparing Conveyance Solutions.

Clients were complaining that Solicitors had quoted a much lower fee than their actual final charges showed.

When we looked into this for clients it became apparent that it was simply understanding how solicitors charge for Conveyance work that was the problem.

When you receive your quotation from a George Legal Pack Solicitor it will be broken down into the following components.


1. The Solicitors Fee.

2. Dispersements.

3. Searches.


We have already taken steps to ensure George Property & Financial clients receive a great deal with the following fixed Solicitor Fee's.


If you are Buying a Property your Solicitor Fee will be Fixed at £385.

If you are Buying and Selling a Property your Solicitor Fee will be Fixed at £495.


If you have instructed George Mortgages Advisers or if you are Buying or Selling your House through George Property & Financial we highly recommend the George Legal Pack solutions.

Our close integration and communication lines with George Legal Pack Solicitors helps us increase our service standards.

With the George Legal Pack Service Booster we can provide a truly integrated House Buying or Selling experience,  all at Great Prices.

Submit your request for a Legal Pack Quote now.